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Bulldog SK 61C 61063

InläggPostat: 14 nov 2014, 16:16
av Bulldog
As the proud owner of Bulldog SK 61C HA-TUG based at Teuge Airport (EHTE) in the Netherlands, I am trying to find out more of it's history.
In 1972 it started as Bulldog FPL 61C 61063 in the Swedish Armen and was transfered to the Flygvapnet in 1989.
I am looking for anything that reminds of it's past in the Swedish Armed forces (pictures, documents, checklists, manuals, stories etc.). I hope
someone can help me to reveal things of it's past and anything is welcome.

Leo Schoemacher

Re: Bulldog SK 61C 61063

InläggPostat: 02 feb 2015, 15:26
av edtcami
Hi Leo
Great plane
I did my military service in Arméflyg during 1981, aircraft mechanic
Did find a picture of it, it was taken during a training in south of Sweden, Kristianstad, think it was during May, might have been June as well
I´m not 100% sure but I think the field is called Rinkaby, south east of Kristianstad, long time ago
Unfortunately I don´t have any specific memory regarding 63, remember though that we lost 64 during the autumn in Almunge east of Uppsala
During a photo session the pilot made a roll to help the photographer take picture of the base and the right control stick got stuck somehow with the photographer so he did´t manage to get the plan back and flew upside-down right in to the forest
I was not there when it happened but I had to go there to salvage the aircraft the day after, took us a whole day
Unfortunately the pilot didn't survey, he died a few days later because of his burns