SE-AGM ( 1 ), Aeronca C-3

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SE-AGM ( 1 ), Aeronca C-3

Inläggav Sven-Erik Jönsson » 02 nov 2011, 08:52

SE-AGM ( 1 )
Typ: Aeronca C-3
c/n: A 321
Tillverkad år 1935

Fd NC15250 (använt med USA-registrering sommaren 1937 på bröllopsresa till norra Finland på flottörer, till Lindarängen, byte till hjul, sålt hösten 1937 till Leksands FK, byte till sjö)
Registrerad 1938-02-04 Leksands Flygklubb, Leksand (lev. Lindarängen-Leksand 1937-11- , flög hela tiden med både svensk och amerikansk registrering!)
Haveri 1938-05-02 På sjön Molnbyggen, Leksand
Avreg 1938-08-10 Totalhaveri, motorn anv. till hembygge "Blixten" av E Nilsson, Skelleftehamn
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Re: SE-AGM ( 1 ), Aeronca C-3

Inläggav Bengt Ekbladh » 16 aug 2016, 19:59

Bild av haveriet 1938-05-02 På sjön Molnbyggen, Leksand
Finns på omslaget till FM 5/1981 samt reportage på sid 78-79
Bengt Ekbladh
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Re: SE-AGM ( 1 ), Aeronca C-3

Inläggav planestory » 27 feb 2017, 23:08

I am an English aviation historian researching the detailed histories of all Aeronca C-1/2/3/4X aircraft for an Air Britain book.

A magazine article is mentioned. Would it be possible to get a scanned copy via this Forum?
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Re: SE-AGM ( 1 ), Aeronca C-3

Inläggav Lars Sundin » 28 feb 2017, 05:53

Here follows some reading about Aeronca SE-AGM i found on the web and my shelves. (I am not in the possession of the mentioned paper from SFF.) Some can be of interest.

From the Arthur Warensce scrapbook (from SFF): ... ug1938.jpg

Note that the crash took place 10 August 1938. Another date is given in many documents (and this thread). The correct date can be seen in my clipping from the SFF-published civil A-register (new edition; the old edition gives the wrong date) which also shows the plane fitted with skis: ... k-revy.jpg

The history of the owner, Leksands Flygklubb, was presented in "Svenskt Flyg och dess Män" in about 1939-40; the accident is surprisingly not mentioned but the plane, the pride of the club, can be seen and among the club board portraits can be seen its unlucky pilot: (and following pages)

The engine was later used in a homebuilt plane, "Blixten" (the Lightning), that flew well but which did not have the necessary permits to continue flying. See ... lingar.pdf
Lars Sundin
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